Is it good to start your career with low salary ?

Is it good to start your career with low salary ?

Answers from 3 successful persons from quora –

​*Even i started my career with low

salary.It is not bad. I started focussing on my weakness. Until we study normally and we one day batting before exams. We study only that time and we forgot

When you start in company,you gain real time experience and you learm more and you get so much info from seniors

When you start your career with low salary, you will have the burning desire to learn . Concentrate on your technical skills and try ro improve them.Sit beside your seniors and understand how they work .

*It’s not at all bad to start career with a low salary. Don’t focus on the salary rather focus on learning new things and sharpening your skills. Within a couple of years your skill & experience will decide your salary not the recruiter.

*Salary is a secondary thing but the first and the foremost thing that make the difference is knowledge. The more you learn the more you earn. In order to earn you need to learn. Let the money follow you and trust me only knowledge have the power to do that. So, you might start with a low salary but if you gain knowledge you are going to grow big. The faster you learn the bigger you get.
Best of luck !!

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