5 Things You Need To Know About Akash Dutta

5 Things You Need To Know About Akash Dutta

Akash dutta is a student of a tea garden in siliguri , West Bengal . After finishing schooling from Margaret (S.n) English School he joined Surendra institute of engineering & management and pursuing electrical engineering , however his are of interest is business management . Today on his 21st birthday you need to know 5 things about him .

Nehru Award Winner – 

  • In 2011 , Akash received prestigious ” Nehru Award” from tea board of India for his outstanding result in north Bengal & doars tea estates region . Nehru award has been given by tea board to very few meritorious students , those fathers or mothers working in tea garden. 

Well known LinkedIn & Twitter personality –

  • Akash is very famous in professional social networking site LinkedIn with over 1000 connections including eminent business leaders like Kiran bedi , Atul Gupta & others . He is one of the top searched LinkedIn personality from siliguri . On Twitter he has a follower of 256 person which includes Ben Landis , Jack Phan , Matt Smith , Jeremy Kaplan & others . He got reply from Barkha dutt , Union minister Nirmala Sitharaman , Director Sonam Nair , Editor in chief of ndtv Vikram Chandra & others . He is always so much updated in Twitter and confess his thoughts on global matters.

Dewang Mehta Excellence Award –

  • In 2016 , he was awarded dewang mehta excellence award from Nasscom , which he received from Mr. Krishnakumar Natarajan (Executive chairman , Mind tree) . The occasion was happened at Inspiria knowledge campus , siliguri with presence of eminent business persons , professors and so many colleges of west Bengal , Sikkim , Nepal , Assam . 

Business Lover –

  • Akash is an attender of every business conclave , forum , summit happened in siliguri and North Bengal . He has a deep knowledge of management , entrepreneurship , leadership . A great die hard fan of CEO Indra nooyi , he loves to communicate with people . He is invited on upcoming mega business summit of north Bengal “CII North Bengal business conclave” where finance minister of west Bengal Amit mitra will be present .

A Writer who loves to write –

Akash wrote 5 times on uttarbanga sambad . His publications are appreciated by many eminent people . Not only that , when he was child , he used to write poems which was published on uttarbanga sambad too . Debate is something which attracts him a lot . He said ” If I will rebron l like to see myself as a journalist ” . 

A simple person with high level of thoughts . A rising star from Siliguri . You can tweet him here ..

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I am confused. What should I do after engineering? Answer from 3 successful engineer.

I am confused. What should I do after engineering? Answer from 3 successful engineer.

​Pankaj Saraf, An Engineer by instincts

You never wanted to be an engineer and you are pursuing engineering. This happens in india… It is very normal case. What yo want to become, you have to identify. Never follow the people, the way you have been doing. Because people are doing Engineering, lets do it.

The very good point about you, is at least you asked it. Now you have to ask yourself. You will find the Answer for sure.

I sometimes think, what thought process we can give to youngsters:

The satisfaction comes with the work you do, you should always choose something with the vision, rather than just for survival. Survival never gives you satisfaction in life. The achievement is, when you do, what you wanted to do, you will be extremely creative in the field, which you do with the interest.

1) If you target UPSC, you should have the vision for the country, rather than just for power and bribery motives.

2) You are selecting engineering, you should vision something to build creative.

3) If you target some jobs, you should love the job and the motives behind that job.

“Remember, you can find it very interesting in life, if you do what you love. ”

Ankit Kumar , Engineer

Don’t worry brother. Here in India usually we get an engineering degree and then think what we have to do in our life.

According tbest engineering teaches you how to live your life and back to your question.

You can go for

1. M.B.A

2. As you are not interested in your field ie. CS , I wont suggest you M.Tech but if you feel you are good in coding you can go for it.

3. Look for government jobs


But my dear friend to be frank only 1 person on this planet can tell you what you have to do in your future and that person is YOU.

Think what you want to do, where do you want to see yourself in future.

Give yourself some time and work on yourself.

If you have a dream chase it and if no than create one.

It’s childish but take a paper and pen, think 5 things you definitely want in your life and write them down. I am sure after seeing it you will get your answer.

All the best

Rabindra Kumar Dash , Software engineer
Have strong faith in you, as a programmer. That will show you the path subsequent to completion of the course. Never allow your faith to be shaken, not now, never. Stand affirm on your faith.
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AIIMS Delhi recruitment (B.Sc)

AIIMS Delhi recruitment (B.Sc)

Delhi AIIMS recruitment 2016 Technical assistant 3 posts :- All India institute of medical science (AIIMS) invites application for the position 3 technical assistant vacancies. Walk-in-interview 6 th April 2016.


Name of post:- Technical assistant
Eligibility:- B.Sc.
Job Location:- Delhi
Pay Scale:- Rs 25000/- Per Month
Last Date:- 6 th April 2016
Total No. of Posts:- 3 Posts
Age Limit:- The age of the candidate should de 30 years.

Qualification:- Candidates should have bachelor degree in science (B.SC.) degree in speech and hearing from recognized university / institution.
Selection Procedure:- The selection of the candidates will be on the basis of walk-in-interview that will be held at board room adjacent to the office of the Director, AIIMS from 08.00 a.m. to 09.30 a.m.
Age Relaxation:- The upper age of the candidates in relaxable for the following specified categories to the extent indicated below:-
i) By 5 years for candidates belonging to ST communities.
ii) By 5 years for candidates belonging to SC communities.
iii) By 3 years for candidates belonging to OBC communities.

How to apply:- Candidates may appear walk-in-interview along with prescribed application form / original certificates and self-attested copies of relevant documents at the time of interview that will be held at board room adjacent to the office of the Director, AIIMS from 08.00 a.m. to 09.30 a.m.

Confession of an IIT graduate . What I learned?

Confession of an IIT graduate . What I learned?

Something has been bothering me for the past few days. After days of soul searching and lonely walks across the dim-lit roads of the institute across the Powai lake, it wasn’t difficult for me to understand what this abstract thing is that has been so unsettling. And, there has been a reason for the whole storm to start in my brain. In less than a week from now, I will be sitting for my placements. For many of my friends and classmates, placements are a very big thing in life where they get to take up a much hyped-high profile, good paying job, the dreams which we were shown when we slogged nights and days preparing for IIT-JEE, frequently splashing cold water into our almost closing eyes to stay all awake in order to ace the JEE. The slogging ensured that a majority of us entered into these prestigious institutes with an eye on the ‘package’ and the ‘job’, and not on evolving into engineers and to develop technology. The worst, many of us will now end up as Investment Bankers, Analysts and Consultants, and not as Engineers as we have been trained for the past four years.


Exactly three and a half years ago (July 2011), I got admitted into the Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science in IIT Bombay on a rainy July day when Bombay monsoons were in full flow. Today, as I am awaiting for the results of my seventh semester, with just one remaining, I will have to confess, with contempt and despair, that academically I stand where I had been in July 2011. I have aged four long years, or to be precise, 40 months, during my stay here in IIT Bombay. The things I learnt and experienced here are undoubtedly numerous. The place gave me what I could have not have asked for in other institutes – a liberal space for thoughts to flourish. I have grown up all along my stay here looking at the same trees, the same roads, the same departments and the same hostels and of course, the same canteens and lounges. With every passing Bombay monsoon, I evolved as a human being pioneering different ambitions and dimensions of my life with maturity – emotional, intellectual and ideological issues, nurturing hobbies and passions. I can speak on and on of what this place has given me, but will save the same for the sentimental post which I will write towards the end of my stay here. I want to concentrate more on what I haven’t learnt.

I have enjoyed everything, literally everything, in IIT Bombay except academics, which is the main reason why I am here. The three and a half years are an academic void, which I hate to say. As I am writing this, I understand that this is going to haunt me for the rest of my life. The thought that I will leave the institute in April 2015 with the same or incremental increase in academic knowledge as I entered this institute with in July 2011 is already creeping in and is getting very hard to digest. The little I learnt during the course of mugging for exams get erased as soon as the exam is done. I am pretty much sure that I would not be able to take a paper of a course in a previous semester now.
How could I have expected something different if I had bunked classes or just attended them for the sake of the 80% attendance rule? Waking up at 8.20 AM and dragging myself to a lecture at 8.30 AM and reaching the classroom at 8.45 AM just because the professor will force the 80% attendance rule has been part and parcel of my culture and life all along the seven semesters. And, numerous of them went by with the professor singing lullabies in the Air-Conditioned classrooms. Not to forget, the seats are not too uncomfortable for a short nap either. Why would the consequence be something different if I had spent just the night before to study even for the end semester examinations? Why would I be academically equipped to be an ‘engineer’ if I don’t even go through the textbooks suggested for the course but end up mugging the few tutorial problems and last year examination papers during the last minute?
As I end this, I am quite unsure whether this is my experience alone or the issue of a major part of the student community.

I also can’t pass on a judgement on whether it is my problem or if that is the problem of the education system. But, one thing I can tell you with a certain amount of surety is that there are many students like me and the system failed all of them. Every one of them! While I don’t deny the mindset problem, I also believe that the education system can be fixed with proper dialogue and deliberations etching a progressive, inclusive and more practical form of education. While the quality of research by the professors is unquestionable, their teaching standards definitely need improvement. The fact that some professors have been successful in waking me up for a 8.30 AM class in the Bombay monsoons or a cold January winter is testimony of some wonderful professors we have. Sadly and unfortunately, they form a very tiny part of the professor community. The rigorous academic curriculum needs to be reviewed to make sure that a wider diversity is allowed to be opted for by the students. And, the most important treatment for the malaise is to disincentivize all the coaching institutions which are nothing but factories churning out to-be engineers, thus inspiring humans to run a rat race. The last one is the long term solution. That would have saved people like me from following this race, which I became a part of, despite several and repeated attempts by my parents to convince me to take up Humanities.
All this is propelling me to now take up further studies and stay in the academic field, this time in a field where I would not be academically handicapped after one or two years. I would want to be academically proficient, at least in a single subject which I am interested in, and subjects like Political Science, International Relations and Sociology always enticed me. This has taught me a lesson for life – to never run a rat race until someone aims the gun at point-blank. I would not like to take up a job precisely for this reason and also would not repeat the same mistake and will consciously try to gain expertise in the field which I will chose out of choice and passion, but not out of compulsion and bad-faith.

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Kalanithi Maran’s Salary is 62 Crore Annually (2nd highest in India)

Kalanithi Maran’s Salary is 62 Crore Annually (2nd highest in India)


Kalanithi Maran is the son of the former Union Minister of commerce Murasoli Maran and grand nephew of former Tamil Nadu chief minister M Karunanidhi . His younger brother
Dayanidhi Maran was also a former minister. He married Kaveri, a native of Coorg in 1991 and has a daughter named Kaviya (Born 1992).

It’s obvious that the most profitable television network in Asia would fill the pockets of its bosses. While the group’s TV channels and news publications are concentrated in South India, its FM channels and DTH services and enjoyed pan India.

In 1990, Maran started a monthly video (VHS) news magazine in Tamil called Poomaalai657 which was stopped in 1992. On 14 April 1993, he founded Sun TV with an investment of US$86,000 from a bank loan. Sun TV was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange on 24 April 2006 upon raising $133 million  for 10% of the share capital and catapulting him into the billionaire charts. He was among the few representatives at a roundtable with the visiting then US President Bill Clinton .

By 2010, he was the 17th richest Indian with net worth of US$4 Billion, and was the highest paid business man in India. Maran and his wife, Kavery Maran were ranked second in the list of Indian executive pay charts with a package of ₹62 crore (US$9.2 million) each for the fiscal year 2011–2012, behind Congress MP Naveen Jindal .
He has won Young Businessman awards from
CNBC and Ernst & Young, and Forbes magazine named him the “Television king of southern India”.

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2 crore , 1.5 crore Placements in IIT kharagpur

2 crore , 1.5 crore Placements in IIT kharagpur


Every year campus placements create buzz for the highest offers, maximum placements and recruitment giants visiting the campus. This year too, India’s top institutes and colleges hit the news for their record breaking placements. Here’s a list of this year’s top placement and offers in the following institutes.

Indian Institute of Technology:
Every year Pre-placement Offers (PPOs) at
Indian Institute of Technology create buzz for high pay scales that are offered to the students. Breaking all the records, Abishek Pant , a student of Computer Science programme at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has received a whopping 2 crore per annum offer from Google.

Also, the pre-placement offers by Amazon, Samsung and Facebook have caught eyeballs of people by offering a whopping amount of Rs 1 to 1.5 crores to IIT graduates.

With final placements due in December this year for 2016 graduating students, IIT Madras has received 50 PPOs as compared to 35 last year and IIT Mumbai has received 123, IIT Kanpur 90 by September.

Delhi Technical University:
Delhi Technical University hit the headlines on November 20 when one of its students

Chetan Kakkar bagged the highest placement package of Rs 1.27 crore approx (USD 1,90,000) per annum. The highest placement offer made so far has been 93 lakhs while last year the university witnessed highest package of Rs 34 lakhs.

Delhi University:
Breaking records this year in campus placement in University of Delhi’s (DU) prestigious Lady Sri Ram College witnessed a whopping 29 lakh package from a management consulting company. In 2011, a student got placed in London who received a salary of Rs 32 lakh when it was converted from British pound.

Other DU colleges like St Stephen’s and Sri Ram College also witness good placements from top recruiters like McKinsey & Company, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Google, Deloitte, American Express and DE Shaw.

Indian Institute of Management:
IIM Calcutta which witnessed successful summer placements got highest salary package of Rs 33.7 lakh per annum for one-year residential programme. The average salary for the eighth batch of Post Graduate Programme for Executives (PGPEX) also saw rise of 21.6 per cent from the last year to Rs 22.69 lakh per annum.
Breaking its own record, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow has achieved a cent per cent summer placements this year in just four days. The recruitment drive saw participation from 157 domestic and international recruiters.

IIM Ahmedabad, too, received double-digit offers the companies like Accenture Strategy, Aditya Birla Group, Amazon, Bain & Co., Flipkart, Goldman Sachs, BCG, and McKinsey & Co.
The placements are underway in many institutes and is likely to be concluded between December to February, 2016. It is yet to be seen if the records that has already been set will be broken or not.

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Hostel ragging to sexual abuse ( A story of a guy )

Hostel ragging to sexual abuse ( A story of a guy )


We reached the university hostel. My parents very were happy because I had been admitted in one of the top notch universities of Pakistan located in Punjab. It was the first time in my life that I was going to stay away from my home and I was petrified.

I was accommodated with my seniors as there were no rooms available for freshmen. The first night, I could not sleep at all because the place was filthy and I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I had to stay there for a long, long time.

The days that followed were terrible.
The first thing that comes to a freshman’s mind when they set foot in their university is the horrid thought of being ragged. The British tradition of ragging new students is unfortunately prevalent in Pakistani universities.
In certain universities, an official ‘Rag Day’ is observed where seniors ridicule newbies and ask them silly questions. This may be somewhat tolerable, however, the ragging which I experienced, was nothing short of a

I was regularly sexually harassed by my seniors.
I have been depressed and traumatised. I had to take anti-psychotics as part of the recovery process. Even though, I have recovered now, the bitter memories still jolt me sometimes. Thus, I’ve decided that expressing my demons via writing is the best way to get closure, so let me narrate to you how I was routinely abused by my seniors.

One evening, I was in my room with my senior, who was also my roommate, when a couple of guys came and took me with them. I wasn’t dressed properly and I had no idea where they were taking me, but they were so forceful that I was dragged along.
They took me to a room, much more horrifying and dirty than the room I was living in. There was also a desktop computer there.

“Have you set foot in adulthood?” asked one of them.

I was taken aback when he asked me this question. I didn’t reply. They laughed at my silent face and continued to ridicule me.
“You see that computer? Go there and open the paint application,” ordered the second guy.

They then asked me to draw obscene things and asked me vulgar questions.
I was confused and terrified. I wanted to sob in my mother’s arms, but I was away from home, sitting between two men who then went on to sexually harass me physically. They passed lewd comments while the torture continued. When I was finally released, I was a wreck.

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I packed my bags and went home.
After a few days, I came back to my hostel. As soon as I stepped into my room, I saw a scary looking guy sitting with my roommate. He was looking at me in a strange way. He asked me my name and inquired about my background. Before leaving, he told me his room number and asked me to be there in 10 minutes.

Nausea overcame me again – nervous and confused about what was going on around me, I began to shake uncontrollably. My roommate told me to go to his room. He said this student would not hurt me like the other one did. With no real option, I went to his room.

The door was half opened. The lights were dim and I could not see properly. I knocked and he told me to come in. I was shocked to see what was happening inside the room. I was
abused and sexually violated a second time.

It was an extremely upsetting experience that I cannot put into words.
I was weeping as I packed my bags and left for home once again in the middle of the night. I felt used and drained of all confidence. A part of me died that day and I have never been able to recover.

I did not tell anyone at home about what was happening to me because I was terrified of my father. I made up a story, telling them I was feeling sick and felt the need to be home. But I had to return eventually, every time.
This shameful course went on for almost three months.

This was not ragging at all – it was torture of the most cruel kind.
The whole year was hell for me, as you can well imagine. I could not study properly. I was constantly petrified, scared of even my own shadow. Eventually, I was debarred from taking university examinations for three months.

The sad truth of it is that I am not the first victim, nor the last. This form of ragging is routine and happens to many new students who go to hostels. Most newcomers avoid staying at their hostels during the first three months. They have to resort to renting flats or small houses near the university and stay there until the dust of ‘ragging’ settles.

Mind you, it isn’t that the authorities are unaware. I, myself, opened up about the things that happened to me to the Physiology Department Head. Yes, she felt very sorry for me, but nothing was done. No action was taken and the same boys continued to sexually abuse many more after me and then the victims turned into the abusers, and the vicious cycle goes on.

Still, no action has been taken against horrible acts of ragging despite reporting it several times. It has ruined the lives of many students and will continue to do so, because there is no check and balance in hostels; the do’s and don’ts only exist on paper.
Today, I am still in the same university, continuing my education. I have gone through a lot, this even resulted in me being diagnosed with depression. I hope to recover fully one day and till then I am trying to look at the brighter side of things.

My reason for writing this blog?
Take action against those animals who
rape innocent students and call it ‘ragging’. Punish the authorities – punish them severely because they know full well the reason behind students’ trauma and choose to ignore it.

Kill this tradition of ragging before it destroys the lives of more students.

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