Kolkata to have 7 wonder of the world 

Kolkata to have 7 wonder of the world 

​Now you and your family will be able to walk into the Taj Mahal, take a walk on the Great Wall of China, and take a tour of the Sphinx and Pyramid in your very own city Kolkata.

The experience courtesy a mega project that West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) had undertaken at Eco Park in New Town near Kolkata . The project will be completed soon and replicas of ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ will be thrown open to people by the end of this year. Eco Park is one of the dream projects of chief minister Mamata Banerjee at New Town near Kolkata.

According to sources the chief minister may inaugurate it either on Christmas or New Year. Apart from the Great Wall of China, The Taj Mahal (India), Pyramids and Sphinx (Egypt), people will also be able to view Christ the Redeemer (Brazil), Easter Island statues (Chile), Colosseum (Italy) and The Lost City of Petra (Jordan).

The initiative is aimed at providing tourists and visitors an experience of how it feels like while walking into a Pyramid or take a walk on the Great Wall of China.

The HIDCO authorities are making replicas of these world famous structures and places keeping children in mind. “The replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World are essentially aimed at children. It will be a learning experience for them,” HIDCO chairman Debashis Sen said.

“In addition, people who never visited these places actually will also be able to see, feel and experience the grandeur,” said Sen.

In Eco Park, the replica the Great Wall of China will be 120 meters long and will have a width of 2.5 meters and there will be three pyramids and all of them will have different sizes. As for the Easter Island statues (Chile), replicas of 29 statues having a maximum height of 7 meters and will be scattered over 700 square meters area. The height of Hill will be 2 meters.

Eco Park is already one of the most visited destinations for people of Kolkata and surrounding areas.

Source: Hindustan Times

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