I am confused. What should I do after engineering? Answer from 3 successful engineer.

I am confused. What should I do after engineering? Answer from 3 successful engineer.

​Pankaj Saraf, An Engineer by instincts

You never wanted to be an engineer and you are pursuing engineering. This happens in india… It is very normal case. What yo want to become, you have to identify. Never follow the people, the way you have been doing. Because people are doing Engineering, lets do it.

The very good point about you, is at least you asked it. Now you have to ask yourself. You will find the Answer for sure.

I sometimes think, what thought process we can give to youngsters:

The satisfaction comes with the work you do, you should always choose something with the vision, rather than just for survival. Survival never gives you satisfaction in life. The achievement is, when you do, what you wanted to do, you will be extremely creative in the field, which you do with the interest.

1) If you target UPSC, you should have the vision for the country, rather than just for power and bribery motives.

2) You are selecting engineering, you should vision something to build creative.

3) If you target some jobs, you should love the job and the motives behind that job.

“Remember, you can find it very interesting in life, if you do what you love. ”

Ankit Kumar , Engineer

Don’t worry brother. Here in India usually we get an engineering degree and then think what we have to do in our life.

According tbest engineering teaches you how to live your life and back to your question.

You can go for

1. M.B.A

2. As you are not interested in your field ie. CS , I wont suggest you M.Tech but if you feel you are good in coding you can go for it.

3. Look for government jobs


But my dear friend to be frank only 1 person on this planet can tell you what you have to do in your future and that person is YOU.

Think what you want to do, where do you want to see yourself in future.

Give yourself some time and work on yourself.

If you have a dream chase it and if no than create one.

It’s childish but take a paper and pen, think 5 things you definitely want in your life and write them down. I am sure after seeing it you will get your answer.

All the best

Rabindra Kumar Dash , Software engineer
Have strong faith in you, as a programmer. That will show you the path subsequent to completion of the course. Never allow your faith to be shaken, not now, never. Stand affirm on your faith.
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