Man from Hyderabad confessed his first sex experience

Man from Hyderabad confessed his first sex experience


Ours was an arranged marriage and like all arranged marriages I had very little contact with my wife. Specially since I was working abroad and met her only a couple of weeks before our marriage. The marriage was an all day affair, starting at 4 in the morning and ending up with a same day reception at 11 in the night. Around that time one of my wife’s uncle gave us a ride to the hotel where we spent our first night. After dropping us in the hotel lobby there was a brief conversation with her uncle/aunt/mom/dad and then we took the elevator to our suite. Once inside the room, my wife went and sat on the couch while I used the restroom to wash my face and hands. Then I came out and sat next to her..

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our conversation was brief and interrupted with akward moments of silence. I was not sure and neither was she on what the next step should be. I decided to take the initiative and came closer to her. I held her hand and told her that this will be the beginning of life long relationship and that both of us need to prioritize this over anything else that may come in our lives as years go by and then I brought my lips closer to her lips and kissed her gently on her lips…they were salty and soft.


My wife opened her lips not sure how to respond and I slid my tongue in (saw this in on of the movies). And there was my first kiss!!!. My hormones are in full gear and I am getting excited by the minute yet nervous thinking I may explode even before the act and what to do then. So I controlled my excitment.

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My wife on her part closed her eyes (which concerned me as I was not sure if she is enjoying this or is she afraid and what if she yells?). Anyway I took her hand and we got off the couch and went to the bed. Then to my surprise my wife laid back and raised her arms to welcome me. I was now on top of her and we kissed each other with my tongue inside her sending zillions of electirc shock waves through my body. I then took her saree off to reveal the most gorgeous sight of her full breasts heaving through her blouse which had hooks in the front. I was kissing her right in the the valley between her breats and on the back side of her arms as I slowly undid the hooks of the blouse.


I then proceded down kissing her on her stomach, navel, swirled my tongue around it tasting her smell and texture. I was about to open her saree but decided to lift her saree up to reveal her golden smooth thighs and as I lifted her saree some more I saw her silky white panties. She helped me remove her saree which took a while and there she was in just her bra and panties. I brought myself between her legs and smelt her. Tension mounted as I carefully lowered her panties to show her pubic hair (she trimmed it which was surprised me). After pulling her panties off I brought my mouth close to her vagina and licked all over it, I lifted my head to see her and saw her eyes closed. I asked her if she is scared and she replied she is and asked me if I had condoms. I then grabbed my kurta pocket and took out the condoms. She watched me roll the condom over my penis. I then started kissing her thighs, her ankles, sucked her toes when she giggled and asked me to come up to her. We then kissed for a while our tongues darting into each other, exploring while our hands were busy groping for each other. I kissed her nipples and liked all around her breasts while I fondled the other one. I was almost ready to burst as I never saw a naked woman leave alone such a beautiful one.

So I got up and waited when she asked me if something was wrong. I told her if I don’t control then the whole thing will be over soon. My penis was leaking with my pre-cum so I rubbed it off her thighs which excited me even more. She parted her legs and I saw her vagina was all wet so I slid my index finger just to see where the actual hole is. We both explored it as she guided me to my heaven. I then separated her vaginal lips and thrust my tongue inside her vagina and she murmered saying something is happening to her and I asked if it is pai or pleasure and she said I had no shame…

I continued thrusting my tongue and now the bed was getting wet with all her juice. My fingers were all wet as I inserted my penis in her vagina and slowly thrusted it. She closed her eyes and I came close and sealed my lips onto hers. She adjusted herself and for some reason I coull dnot enter her. I was pretty upset and so we decided that she lift her legs and place it on my shoulders and I tried again, after another difficult second I entered her and my joy knew no bounds.

I thrusted my penis fully into her vagina and brought it out and thrust it again. I did this with great patience mentally controlling myself as I saw her enjoying and moaning. I them increased my pace and when I knew I was about to come I thrust myself as deeply as possible and exploded in her. It was fantastic. I had my first sexual experience and it was great. I slowly pulled myself out and kissedher. We both huggged wrapped her legs and slept off into our marriage.

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