How To Seduce Her In Few Steps

How To Seduce Her In Few Steps


Physical contact brings the magic of communication between you and another level entirely. in the proses to lern how to seduce women, and Good friends always touching each other. Close physical contact and communication transmitter physical level.

Women are much more sensitive to men in physical contact. For a physical contact is very important, because it causes chemical reactions in her body strong.

When you touch a woman’s body releases a chemical called oxytocin, also called the love hormone.
This material has a central role in human attraction and falling in love and can create feelings of belonging and big step to discover how to seduce women. Also the release of Oxytocin can create “addiction” to a particular man. When you release oxytocin, the level of testosterone in the female body, a hormone responsible for sexual desire.

Physical contact, is what defines around 50% of your success with a particular woman.
Women are much more sensitive to touch than men. Have you ever previously thought someone touched her lightly and since you start to think of her differently? Getting attracted to her?
Imagine that for women it is 10 times stronger!
Some small, light touches can make her start thinking about you a totally different way and to stimulate it.
Remember some important rules to know how to seduce women


1. You should be frequently touching a certain frequency. If suddenly you start to touch her, after a few weeks, days or hours you did not at all, she might panic and it will look strange to her. So begins the first moments you met her.
Check yourself if you touch her?
Hands, back, leg, shoulder. Does she touch you?
If not, it’s time to touch.
If suddenly kissed her without some basic touches, it will be a surprise for her (which did not always work).
Touch always! (Give her the pleasure of touching you).
The sooner will be the first contact, the better for you.

2. Do not ask her if you could touch her. Just do it.
Do not be afraid to touch. It can not destroy anything to you again. On the contrary, inaction is destroying the torque and the relationships and good way to learn how to seduce women.

3. Do not look at the place where you touch. You do not need to turn your attention to what you’re doing. She feels everything is fine and her subconscious is doing his job. Turn your attention elsewhere when you touch it. Touch her when you talk the most natural way.

4. Worry about your body language and active life will be. I mean there will not be frozen, motionless most of the time and when you want to touch it, it will be your most extreme movement. Do the numbers are part of your normal movements.


How to touch her?
Start with simple things. Like good friends.
Take a look at the best of friends, they touch each other (it shows the closeness).
Simple touches, a shoulder when you address her, the sides when you have something important to say.
Start with simple things and keep people touching hands, stomach you will lern mor about how to seduce women by so this step’s.
Clean her hair, touch the gate and say something about him.
Smell and touch her neck this time her back gently. It’s driving them!

Make her a massage. that is anoter way to revel how to seduce women.
When you walk, you can take her waist with the hand and guide the direction of walking. Catch her shoulders and rotate, when you need to turn or stop. Women love to, when a man in control of their body movements.

You can do it in a playful.
Play with her legs under the table.
Grab her hand and pull off somewhere.
Touch her nipple through shirt
Give her a spank
Hug her.

As much as touch her, the more oxytocin is released and the level of testosterone in a ditch.
With any girl, get the feel from the moment you met her. It will make her feel it’s natural. You will be able to touch her and her body wants you.
Successfully contacts!

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