Top 3 Courses Which Have Great Demand In India

Top 3 Courses Which Have Great Demand In India

After 12 the most important point is finding a suitable course which has a great value and demand . Here we have done a survey on that :


1) B.E/B.Tech/B.Arch : Bachelor in engineering or technology is not only considered as a valuable course in India , it is considered in USA , UK , Australia , South Africa and others . After a successful degree students can do jobs like engineer , technologist , executive , management trainee.

Top 5 engineering branches are –
         .Electrical Engineering
         .Mechanical Engineering
         .Computer science
         .Information Technology
         .Electronics & Communication


Top 5 engineering colleges are –
        .IIT Kharagpur
        .IIT Delhi
        .Manipal University
        .IIT BHU
        .Jadavpur Universiry


2) Human Resource Management: India is so concerned about HR management and in every colleges to offices HR executives are selected as a best professional. The course are –

        .Post Graduate Diploma In Human Resource Management
        .Post Graduate Diploma In Personal Management
        .MBA in Human Resource

Top colleges which are providing the courses are –
        . IIM Calcutta
        . Amity University
        . Sri Ram College Mumbai
        . IIM Ahmedabad
        . Delhi University


Study In Physics: One of the hardest subject in science and one of the toughest job to purchase it . A physics graduate is the primary man to do research , scientific work , R&D etc.

The following courses are
          . in Physics
          . in Physics
          . Phd in Physics
          . Diploma in Electricity
          . Certificate in Physics

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